Overview of International Alternative Internet TV: 
Internet Radio, Internet Newspapers and Internet Magazines:

New Copenhagen University Research Totally Rejects Notion of Universal Incest Taboo - Sigmund Freud & Claude Lévi-Strauss were wrongclick here  English text and links to English publisher are shown on the right side of the YouTube screen. 
First 4 minutes of video are in English
click here the rest is in Danish. 
To Play the Whole 1½ hour lecture
/ discussion automatically
- instead of manually one by one - go to the following YouTube page and click on "Play All" on the right side of the screen, but firstclick hereRead and / or order the New Scientific Study in English Now:
Incest, Adult-Child & Close-Kin Marriages Were Common and Normal, Widespread & Considered Good Deeds In Ancient Egypt And Persia 
- click here
Read the Table of Contents in English
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Read First 24 Pages Extract from this New Book Right Now
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Mumia Abu-Jamal's Radio Broadcasts at Prison Radio and more - click here

Watch Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968, on Internet TVclick here

Just-Well´s Webmaster US Army Veteran Agains US Wars - Watch Video 1.)click here, & Video 2.)click here 

Just-Well.dk Streaming Video Internet TV Visits Coffee Shop & Hash Museum in Amsterdamclick here

Watch 12 Copenhagen World Naked Bike Ride Videos click here


Overview of International Alternative Internet TV: 
Internet Radio, Internet Newspapers and Internet Magazines:

A Jihad For Loveclick here
1.) 1968, 40 Years Later: click here

2.) 1968, 40 Years Later:
Tariq Ali Looks Back on a Pivotal Year for Social Justice click here
International Demo: Naked Bike Ride click here

Watch also Noam Chomsky 
Accuses Alan Dershowitz of Launching a "Jihad" to Block Norman Finkelstein From Getting Tenure at Depaul University - click here

Howard Zinn on “War and Social Justice” - click here
Howard Zinn   Urges U.S. Soldiers to Heed Thoreau’s Advice and “Resist Authority” - click here
From SDS to Life After Capitalism: Z Mag Founder Michael Albert speaks on Activism, "Parecon" and a Model for a Participatory Society - click here


Watch Streaming Video now :
Troels Peter´s Dance With Death
- Museum Inspector Gitte Lunding Guides Troels Through the Exhibition -
The Famous Mexican Folk Tradition Celebrating Their Dead:

Part 1 - click here    -   (Only in Danish)
Part 2 - click here    -   (Only in Danish)
Part 3 - click here    -   (Only in Danish)
Part 4 - click here    -   (Only in Danish)


Listen to interview with Lindsay Ashford:

Listen to Texas Radio Station (www.ktrh.com) Interview Lindsay Ashford on Adult/Child sexual relations (2007) - click here (9:40 min.)  

And Watch Steve Chamraz's Interview with Lindsay Ashford on YouTube:
Click on: 5 Interviews with Lindsay Ashford

Watch and listen to activist
Lindsay Ashford:

Listen to "Sex is Not Harmful to Teens" 
(56 min.), says Judith Levine, author of University Press Book - click here

Listen to Author Judith Levine:

Read about her book - click on "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex". 


  • Watch Aljazeera.Net TV- click here

  • Watch Iranian Press Internet TV - Click here

  • Democracy Now - Worlds Most sophisticated & uncompromisingly critical TV - click here!

  • Extremely funny, professional video satire of witch hunters - click on: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  

  • Watch & listen to Rod Downey, fascinating author - click here.
    For comments, and how to order the book - click on The Moralist.

  • Rainbow Coalition - Non Stop Breaking News - click here.

  • InfoWars & The Voice of Freedom - Click here.

  • TV.vunet.org Alternative Socialist Internet TV - click here.

  • Freedom TV - click here 

  • Alternative Media Outlet - click here

  • Rant TV - click on RantTV.com.

  • 1½ Year Old Police Occupation of Christiania - klik her 

  • Current Protests Against Canadian Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples - click here

  • Radio KUCI Public Affairs Show, Subversity, interviewed Peter Ian Cummings, the creator and publisher of xy magazine, which is aimed at queer teens. Audio - click on: 

  • Klik på Rebekka Weimar! Free Radio Santa Cruz - click here.

  • Klik på Rebekka Weimar! Independent Media Center - click here


  • Hate Gun Internet TV - click here.

  • Online Greenlandic News in English - click on www.sermitsiaq.gl/english
  • Scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults - in English, German, French and Spanish - Click here.

  • America´s Premier Media Monitor - Columbia Journalism Review - click here.

  • Technology and Culture from the Trenches - click here.

  • Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions  - click here.

  • Bashy Quraishy´s home page - klik her 

  • Internet Newspaper Truth Out - Click here.

  • Internet Magazine The Torch - Click here.

  • Swedish site on pedophlia - click here

  • Norwegian site on pedophlia - click here

  • Danish site on pedophlia - click here

More to Listen to:

  • Klik på Rebekka Weimar! Peter Schmidt, co-producer of the Danish National Radio Broadcast
    "Daddy, may I play with your pee wee?" Also broadcast to all Italy from Radio Radicale - now you can listen to the broadcast by clicking here - in Italian. Text introduction in Italian & Danish - click here.

  • American University Students run an Amateur Internet News TV Station - interesting local & world news coverage - Click here.

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Thank you, Troels Peter Schmidt, Copenhagen Denmark